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5 Gallon Can Shaped Cooler

5 Gallon Can Shaped Cooler

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Item #:7097B

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Color: Royal (P7097B, PB7097B, A7097B), Black (RS7097B), Green (MD7097B, G7097B), Red (F7097B, MD7097BR, MDU7097BR), Orange (MD7097BO, MDU7097BO)
Size: 16.5" h x 14.1"w , 5 gallon
Features: 1 .Extra large insulated plastic cooler with carry handle and removable lid.
2. Very beautiful and suitable for outdoor sports, Can also be used as a seat .
3.18.9 liter capacity, 27 can capacity.  large enough for serve a outdoor team.
4. Durable plastic material with handle, easy to carry. Can also be put into the trunk.
5. Waterproof,resistance to fall , rigid lid
6. Good insulation, health and nontoxic, leak tightness
7. Insulated To Keep Beverage Cold 48 hours
8.Ideal For Sporting Events Or Commercial Use
9. Resists Dent
10. 2 logos on cooler

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